The Jobless Can Return to College – President Obama’s Plan

The Us President Barrack Obama has been on the front position in the campaign on the broaden literacy to any American who is eager to obtain education. He supports them in earning a graduate degree online. This will eventually lead to an improvement in the economic crisis in addition to individual gain of the jobless to enhance their lives by moving up…

President Obama tackling this issue from an exceptional viewpoint which involved making unemployment insurance a serious stepping stone for future works. His achievement on this issue lies in the readiness of colleges and the various States to modify the rules which they have been implementing in the past.

On 8th May, 2009, Mr. President while making the announcement regarding the planned rule change, asked the Labor Department to request States to make exemptions so that the unwaged (especially the jobless) may secure their benefits if they wish to opt for an online bachelor degree program or the traditional ‘brick ad mortar’ college. This is essential because after the elimination of unemployment benefits; they are not capable to meet the criteria for federal assistance as they are asked to show evidence of regular financial earnings.

Due to the fact that State governments and not Washington determine the eligibility status for unemployment, they want them to be energetically in search of jobs. On the whole, this may make the ability to attend school more difficult and therefore the stress on enrolling for online degree programs.
In his speech, President Obama declared that the Education Department will call for colleges to reflect on financial circumstances of the unemployed masses submitting applications for Pell Grants and other sorts of financial assistance obtainable in the institutions. Accordingly, from July 2009, low income earning students will gain a Pell Grant of between $500and $5,350.

Present president of the American Association of Community Colleges, George Boggs, highly praised Obama saying that he will do away with obstacles and discouragements that have obstructed the unemployed from looking for higher education. However, one state-level critic (South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, a Republican) blamed Obama of keeping away from a very essential question about – cost! He is quoted as having said that like a lot of of the president’s initiatives, the answer for who pays the bill is state taxpayers and future generations and no matter how well-intentioned this proposal is, we can not go on stacking debt on top of debt to deal with problems that were, in various cases, formed by over borrowing.

In short, Obama’s initiative has been warmly welcomed by many and you may visit an online education portal in order to get information on the best institution offering marketing and education, or any other degree program of your choice.