President Obama and Higher Education

On my way into work this morning I was listening to NPR and there was a discussion about President Obama and his request that every American receive at least one year of higher education training and / or 1 year of vocational or trade school training. This coincides with his goal of re-instating America as the leader and role model for higher education by the year 2012.

I think that higher education is paramount to the success of America in the future, and it’s going to take a lot of different methods to get there. Every American who wants to get additional higher education has a unique situation. Some prospective students are just graduating from high school and plan to attend their state college, university or community college.

Other prospective students are older – single adults, married adults who may require other non-traditional forms of education such as education offered completely online or “no-frills” education – classes that are offered at night or on weekends, intentionally without the extra social aspects of college life.  With new technology and flexibility it is making it easier for non-traditional students to return to college.

Whatever the situation, I agree with President Obama that higher education is the key to a successful America in the future. Anything we can do to facilitate more Americans going to college will pay dividends for our country as a whole. Education regarding education (no pun intended) is important so that underprivileged Americans know about the financial aid that is available to them in the way of grants, scholarships and federal funds that can support their college dreams.