President Obama and Higher Education

On my way into work this morning I was listening to NPR and there was a discussion about President Obama and his request that every American receive at least one year of higher education training and / or 1 year of vocational or trade school training. This coincides with his goal of re-instating America as the leader and role model for higher education by the year 2012.

I think that higher education is paramount to the success of America in the future, and it’s going to take a lot of different methods to get there. Every American who wants to get additional higher education has a unique situation. Some prospective students are just graduating from high school and plan to attend their state college, university or community college.

Other prospective students are older – single adults, married adults who may require other non-traditional forms of education such as education offered completely online or “no-frills” education – classes that are offered at night or on weekends, intentionally without the extra social aspects of college life.  With new technology and flexibility it is making it easier for non-traditional students to return to college.

Whatever the situation, I agree with President Obama that higher education is the key to a successful America in the future. Anything we can do to facilitate more Americans going to college will pay dividends for our country as a whole. Education regarding education (no pun intended) is important so that underprivileged Americans know about the financial aid that is available to them in the way of grants, scholarships and federal funds that can support their college dreams.

Women’s Education – Obama Opens the Door Wider

There is mincing of words now if we are talking about the US President who is so much concerned about women education. President Barack Obama has shown himself as the best women in America can get so far. Why should we say so?

Not long after coming to office, Obama has created and started implementing a scholarship program that has the aim of giving greater chances to women to acquire higher education. This is a scholarship program under which any woman who enrolls in a college to get higher education will be given ten thousand dollars as financial aid.

The program is designed to get as many women as possible, especially mothers back to school. One of the reasons why most mothers will not want to go for higher education is financial. There will be the need for extra money to pay fees; in case she stops working for her degree or diploma, she will have to find money to support her family.

This could be extra hard for single mothers and teenage mothers. That is why the money is given so that she can comfortably cater for herself and family as she goes back to college. The money received under the funds could be spent on tuition, accommodation and just anything that makes learning easier for the woman.

Getting the money is not difficult at all. You don’t have to do anything extra apart from applying to benefit. This is certainly a way of opening the door to higher education a bit wider for women all over the United States.

College Scholarships For Moms to Help Them Continue Their Education

Are you a single mother and looking for scholarship of financial aid so that you can continue your education? President Obama has the solution for all this and he has designed lot of scholarship offers that are going to help students as well as mothers acquire new qualifications or complete their education in school or college. There are a couple of scholarships for moms that are intended to assist low income students and those students that are unable to pay their college fees.

Apart from scholarship offers from the present government there are many private scholarship offers from people who want to help committed and dedicated students, uplift their standard of living. In fact the availability of scholarships are helping single moms, working moms, stay at home moms to return to school to complete their education. This is going to help them improve their standard because all high paid jobs are available for highly educated persons. Once they complete their college education they will be able to get high paid jobs as well as new and rewarding career options will also be opened for them.

The grants and scholarships are designed with different terms and conditions and they are based on different criteria. Some of them are for low income students while some are for meritorious ones. There are other clauses also like some of them are intended for particular college or university and so if you want to take advantage of that scholarship you will have to get enrolled in that specific college or university.

There are scholarships for moms that are for those who want to study science and fulfill their dreams in that field and some are for those who want to become teachers and so on. So depending upon your desire, ambition, goal and financial condition, you have to select the best suitable one.

Presidential Competitions – How to Memorize All 44 US Presidents in Order

At some point in your child’s educational career, he will have to memorize the United States Presidents from Washington to Obama. Given that some were lame ducks, others have confusingly similar names, and that there are so many of them, this task is always incredibly difficult for students. Thankfully there are some mnemonic devices that your child can use to remember each of the President’s names.

Poems and other statements to help with the first letters are very helpful. An example using the beginning of the presidential list:

While all jugglers may make jokes, very happy tightropers pray to fly. (Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe. John Quincy Adams, Jackson, Van Buren, Harrison, Tyler, Polk, Taylor, Fillmore.)

A common way to take on the memorization is in clusters, whether by sentence or by grouping presidents with completely different mnemonic devices. (Founding fathers, growth leaders, pre-civil war, etc.) Something that works for many is to replace the name with a funny or common word, something that will trigger your memory of Franklin Pierce in a context other than “pre-Civil War lame duck president.”

Or remember them for what they did, which is easy in the 20th century: Hoover Caused the Great Depression, FDR got us out of it. But he got us into WWII, which Truman got us out of. Because Eisenhower was so great in WWII, he got the next seat. Then was JFK, who starts our second train of thought. JFK was assassinated, LBJ took over and sent us to Vietnam. Nixon got us out of Vietnam, then Ford took over when he was impeached (both American products). The third product came in the form of Carter, the peanut farmer, and Americans were so confused by the “everyman” president that they put a famous actor in, Mr. Reagan. Then there was a Bush sandwich with Clinton playing the part of the grilled big cheese, which brings us to now, President Obama. Telling it like a story is much easier than rote memorization.

If all else fails, use a song. Music is known to help students remember difficult lists of information. The Animaniacs had a popular one, and there are many newer versions available for teachers and parents to aide children in their memorization.