Dads, Rise & Shine With President Obama’s Grants

Are you one of those dads who are finding it hard to brave the economic climate that is in existence today? In order to overcome such difficulties, it is necessary to have a good job that promises nice pay. All this is possible, obviously only with education. Working dads in America find it hard to cope up with rising expenses and family needs. At such times, wishing for a college or university degree is mandatory so that they secure a big and stable job.

The government is offering grants scholarships for dads. These funds actually increase the scholarships that are available to determined parents. This is provided to enable people to go back to school or college and pursue their education. These funds help dads to afford high costs of education, despite their own shortage of funds.

The government offers sums up to $6,000 in a year to cover the entire education for dads who are unable to afford it on their own. This provides free education for needy and deserving dads. These funds are free, and so one need not be bothered about repaying it. This is what makes grants different from student loans. Dads even have the facility to choose whether they wish to study in a private or public college or university. Busy dads can even go for online education.

President Obama is giving a hand to fathers in acquiring Federal Pell Grants who like to return to college. Tuition fees, books as well as other costs are covered by scholarships or other grants. These grants are the consequences of increasing concern that is offered to working dads wanting to elevate themselves. If a person is not eligible to receive Pell Grants, there are many other grants that he can approach as help is available in plenty these days.

Obama’s Grants Give You a Fair Chance to Complete Your Education

Moms, who have are aware of the importance of education, yet are unable to pursue it are given a fair chance by the Obama government. Mothers, can make use of this best opportunity to complete their education. President Obama wants moms to utilize the grants allocated for their education.

The federal grants are given so that moms pursue their schools or colleges without any fear or financial stress. These grants are given as gifts and is never demanded or expected to be repaid. The plus point of this government grant is that it does not force moms to attend classes at the campuses. Moms, can very well complete their education online as these grants feature promoting online courses as well. Online education is of immense help to moms as they can concentrate their work at home, take care of their children and also devote time at their convenience.

The recipients of the government grants are fortunate as it is not demanded back. This is a great relief as it is free money. The grant money covers all expenses such as tuition fees, costs of books, etc, and bestows great relief to moms from the hassles of re-paying. The advantage is that these federal grants are being revised over time and again so that many more people are benefited.

The government offers various grants, but the purpose of all these grants is one in essence. They aim at educating more people and in developing their lives. There is no doubt that people with college degrees earn more than people who do not possess college degrees. Moms can stabilize their lives and make their lives easier with these grants, provided they search the internet and fill the FAFSA form. This form can be downloaded from any of the government sites. However, only on filling and submitting the application form, moms can avail this fair chance.

Distance Learning to Play a Major Part in President Obama’s Adult Education Plans

In a speech at Macombe Community College in Michigan, President Barack Obama has made some major new announcements regarding funding and plans for adult education and community colleges. The announcements come as many adults return to education in light of the recession, with recent reports from the state of Utah (at claiming that the number of enrollments have increased by 19 percent in the past school year.

Obama was generally positive about the nation’s community colleges and highlighted the past trend of treating community colleges ‘like the stepchild of the higher education system’. But he also had some criticisms that called for some reform.

‘Now, I know that for a long time there have been politicians who have spoken of training as a silver bullet and college as a cure-all,” he said. “It’s not, and we know that. I can’t tell you how many workers who’ve been laid off, you talk to them about training and they say, “Training for what?” So I understand the frustrations that a lot of people have, especially if the training is not well designed for the specific jobs that are being created out there.’

$12 billion has been earmarked for a ten year initiative to be used across the USA, in an attempt to improve the degree completion rate by 50 percent. According to, president of the American Association of Community Colleges George R. Boggs described the plan as ‘pretty ambitious’.

Yet, the use of distance education as a tool to meet these goals can also be regarded as just as determined. President Obama aims to make such courses free online – a move that has been called “historic” and “transformative” at the above source.

According to the transcript of the speech at, President Obama said: “Even as we repair bricks and mortar…we’re going to support the creation of a new online, open-source clearinghouse of courses so that community colleges across the country can offer more classes without building more classrooms.”

The idea is a pioneering one, especially as many countries are still behind in regards to embracing open content. Similar moves concerning distance education have been announced in the UK. In order to promote the use of online courses, Prime Minister Gordon Brown as announced a £20 million budget as an aid to students who might drop out of university courses who can then complete their studies online.

Obama’s Grants Help Battle Poverty and Assist Mothers Returning to Education

Education and poverty are related to each other in an inverse manner. Due to this, many people failed to complete their education when they were young. This leaves them short of educational qualifications and settling in good jobs with better payment. Today, the government is offering them grants so that they can complete their education and acquire jobs that they deserve.

Federal grants offered to mothers Keeps them about the expenditures involved and assist in focusing their education. President Obama is helping in battling poverty and has hence come out with grants for mothers intending to return to schools or colleges so that they can start again. Mothers, henceforth need not stand last in the queue of education and work in coveted offices. They can use the federal grants and elevate their income and status.

This piece of news of receiving government grants has come as a god sent wish understanding the need of the present situation. These government devised programs help in qualifying for grants such that the government pays the education fees. This is truly an awesome move that highlights the true concern for all the mothers in the United States. The federal Pell Grants amount have risen from the earlier initial amount to $5100 from $4010 now and the government is working towards benefiting mothers.

President Obama strongly considers making education accessible to majority moms as it the genuine way of triggering mothers to make them return to schools. This financial aid has gained popularity and the programs are making more mothers to think on pursuing their education. The online aspect facilitating studying from home shows the care of the government towards mothers and the aspiration in providing the best facility to enable mothers reach their objectives.